Help Black-Owned

Businesses Thrive.

You can help build strong communities by providing the funding, education, and network black business-owners need to be successful. We are a 501c3 organization.

Unlock Potential

A healthy economy is essential to a thriving community. Viable, locally-owned businesses are essential for communities to prosper. But building good businesses isn't easy for all.


Overcome Barriers

A history of racism, discrimination, and economic inequality has left many black businesses vulnerable to failure, putting thriving communities at risk. We aim to change that.

Build Black Excellence

You can invest in an ever-expanding network of resources that provides black entrepreneurs the support they need to win the day.


Community Crowdfunding Partnership that allows you to shop with local businesses and a crowdfunding initiative all in one.

Freelance Forward
Freelance Forward

Helping freelancers, gig-workers, and contractors survive the recession caused by COVID-19

Small Minority Businesses
Small Minority Businesses

Filling gaps in Federal assistance to keep Black-owned businesses alive.

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Give black entrepreneurs the resources they need to thrive.